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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Code Difference between vqmod and ocmod in Opencart

  1.    Vqmod Necessary Code Tags are:-
        <id>Extension Name</id>

  2.  Ocmod Necessary Code Tags are:-
        <name>Extension Name</name>

******** Major Differences between Vqmod and Ocmod ***********

  1. In Vqmod we Use  "Name" for the file full path but for Ocmod we Use "Path"                            i.e:- Vqmod =     <file name="catalog/controller/common/seo_url.php" error="skip">                         Ocmod =   <file path="admin/view/template/catalog/product_form.tpl">                                       in Ocmod and Vqmod for multiple files in same directory we would use like this:-                       <file path="catalog/view/theme/journal2/template/" name="product/search.tpl,product/category.tpl,product/manufacturer_info.tpl">
  2. In Vqmod "Position" we use in "search" tag but in Ocmod we use "Position" in "add" tag      i.e. Vqmod = <search position="after">                                                                                               Ocmod = <add position="before">